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A psychologist turned writer, Carol D. Gray is a Boston-based middle grade author and a huge fan of children's literature, magic, and other worlds. She is currently seeking representation for FINDER OF SECRETS, a

middle grade fantasy inspired by her work as a clinical psychologist and more than twenty years counseling girls and young women. 


Carol is a graduate of GrubStreet's Novel Incubator Program and a long-time member of the Society of Children's Book Writers and Illustrators. She co-founded Craft on Draft, a Boston reading series devoted to the mechanics behind great fiction. Her writing has appeared on and The Grub Daily.  


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All Mandy wants are art lessons and a little space from her agoraphobic mom. But when her mother refuses both, Mandy’s pent up anger explodes and tears an opening into a parallel world. At first Mandy’s thrilled. Art lessons are required here and her parallel mom leaves her alone for days. But when a wicked little beast shows up in Mandy’s drawings, art lessons turn out to be nothing like she imagined. Nor is anything else in this strange alternate world.

     In a world full of magic, a fierce, quick-witted orphan, Zee Finder, develops a rare and dangerous ability—the gift of uncovering secrets. When her beloved mentor falls ill with a deadly disease, Zee races to the Magician’s city to search for a cure.

      There, she discovers a society that kidnaps orphans, imprisons fairies, and farms mermaids for their silver scales. Worst of all is the Prime Magician, who is using the disease as a weapon and will stop at nothing to destroy Zee. Can she outwit the Prime Magician and discover the cure, before she loses her mentor forever?


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